Monday, March 8, 2010

It Begins!

The time has come for me to start the journey. Its been a long road and the anticipation has been brutal. I am ready for whatever comes my way and know that the Lord's hand is upon me. I leave for Kampala, Uganda this Wednesday and want to thank everyone for all of your support! The help that has been given to me along the way is just further proof that this could not be anything but God! I am just going to do my part and be obedient to the calling he has on my life. I will use this blog to try and keep everyone updated on everything that is going on while I am gone. I come back home on December 1 and will be spending much time in prayer on where it is God is leading me, but right now I am focused on serving the Lord in Uganda and will do whatever it is I am called there to do. I know he will never forsake me, and as long as I am obedient to Him I know he will be faithful to me. Please continue to pray for the people that I will come into contact with, and for the Lord to continue to prepare my heart as I partake on this new journey. Thanks again to everyone. I could not ask for a better support group and it gives me peace knowing there is a group of prayer warriors at home praying for the mission at hand.


  1. I cannot believe how fast time has flown!!! Seems like just yesterday we were talking about the possibility of you doing the Lord's work in Uganda. I am SO excited for you and what God has in store for your life...He promises to work for the GOOD of His children :) I love you and I am thrilled that I will spend two months with you this summer!! May the Lord bless you and keep you and make His face shine upon you!

  2. I know that God's hand will be firmly planted on your shoulders, guiding you all the way through your journey. Have a safe trip!
    Roxanne Healy

  3. When Niki shared with me about your blog, I couldn't read it thoroughly without crying the first time, I am so moved by your courage and faith. It is an honor to know you are obeying the Lord's call. You are in my prayers and Im blessed to know also you are a precious friend to my daughter and how you alone have touched her life too. God has called you to do great works; thank you for listening to him.

  4. Jay,
    I am thankful I had the opportunity to speak with you the day before you left. I still thought of you as Dr. CLark's and Pam's son BUT that day - I saw a man sitting across from my desk. A man with a purpose and peace. After you left I told the ladies - you knew what you were doing! May God's blessings blanket you and those you are helping. Tamie